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  Mrs. Kifah Al-Haddad
The childhood stage is a bridge to life with all its components, through which the child crosses, equipped with the skills, abilities and knowledge he acquired during his first years of life.

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A regional center called “The Regional Center for Early Childhood Development” was established by Law No. 17 of 2012. Its center is in the city of Damascus and enjoys legal personality and financial independence and is linked to the Minister of Education in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Our Vision

Expanding the courses and increasing the capacity of the trainees in the center within local and regional training programs, Conducting research in the field of early childhood, cooperating and coordinating with the Educational Development Center in relation to the kindergarten curricula.

Objectives and tasks

Monitoring the reality of early childhood and collecting and documenting data and information related to it nationally, regionally and internationally
Participate in the development of policies and programs aimed at improving the conditions and rights of early childhood.

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Training courses

Training Workshop for Supervisors of Project “Prepare to Join School”

The #Ministry_of_Education/Regional Center for Early Childhood Development, in cooperation with the Aga Khan Development Foundation, is holding a training workshop for supervisors charged with supervising the people of…


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“My Child is between what he Likes and what he Needs”

With the aim of educating parents about the importance of love and giving in raising children, a lecture was held

Let them Live Life so They don’t Die on Screens

Instead of his screen being life, to select from it what he sees His screen has become electronic, so he chooses…

Reading in the Face of the Computer and its Impact on Children

We are currently living in the era of globalization and rapid technological development that shortened the distance…

Take a Moment…!!! Not what you Think…!!! Not as you Practice…!!!

It is not a substitute for the family and it is not a pre-primary school in which the child memorizes arithmetic…

Discipline and Punishment… What is the Difference?

It is natural for a dialogue to take place between fathers and mothers in general, in which they discuss issues…

How Children Learn Language

Between birth and five years of age, the human brain is hard-wired for learning multiple languages*. After age

Corporal Punishment, is it the Best way to Discipline Children????

When the child misbehaves, or appears defiant, or behaves in an inappropriate and dangerous manner, the parents…

Participation of Young Children and its Impact on Creative Thinking

There is no doubt that children have the right to participate in many decisions inside the classroom, in their…

How do you Support your Child in Wars and Disasters?

Wars with their fires are considered one of the most cruel things on the psyche of young and old alike, and

reading promotion project


Educate Flyers

The Regional Center for Early Childhood Development provides awareness brochures that benefit all those interested in the field of childhood, in addition to parents in their dealings with their children in light of the experience of the center and the availability of a specialized staff. This staff has accumulated extensive experience by dealing with the child directly within the center, with the presence of a nursery that is the appropriate place to extract experiences and research and its results. That is, it is monitored by the children present in the center during the semester.

Project Get Ready for School

The Ministry of Education ( Regional Center for Early Childhood Development ) adopted a project to prepare for school; Which aims to open well-equipped classes for the kindergarten child ( five years old ) in cooperation with UNICEF.

Project Get Ready for School

Al-Haddad Clarifies the Reality of the Project, Prepare to Go to School

In implementation of the recommendations of the Educational Development Conference, the Ministry of Education / Early Childhood Development  Regional Center / adopted the “Get ready to go to…

“Get ready to go to school” project

The Regional Center for Early Childhood Development continued the training work within the project plan (Get ready to go to school), which was launched at the beginning of the year 1917/ with the…

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